Living The Promise

The key to fulfill our mission, we offer our ‘Living The Promise Seminarian Studies’ for Christian seminary students. This program will impact them and their congregations by helping to connect to the Holy Land and its people, allowing them a better understanding of God’s communication to all of us through the lens of Israel.  Learn more about Living The Promise!!

Program overview

Imagine the impact that would be realized when Christian seminary students are given the opportunity to visit the land and people of Israel.  It is estimated that an individual pastor of a Christian congregation influences many thousands of lives during their ministry.  Through the “Living the Promise” program, we can transform the mind-set of Christians to support Israel in a generation.  The impact of one seminary student would be significant in and of itself.  But can you imagine the impact that hundreds or even thousands of Christian seminary students might have? The possibilities are staggering.

Living the Promise is a program designed to bring Christian colleges and universities to the land and people of Israel in a new and refreshing way.  These will be the two areas of focus:

  • Students who are training for full-time ministry as a pastor, youth pastor, or missionary will travel to Israel to participate in our study tour. We will accredit the course through WASC and CHEA.
  • Funding for this program will be through universities. An account will be set up for families and friends to contribute throughout the four years of the student’s education and the trip will be part of the senior year curriculum.

One Heart will offer a class in the university to be taught as a History of Israel that will be a 12-week course covering the following areas:

  • Patriarchs
  • Canaan-Egypt
  • Tabernacle
  • Torah
  • Conquest of the Land
  • Judges and Kings
  • Prophets
  • Life of Christ 1
  • Life of Christ 2
  • Fall of Jerusalem to the Crusades
  • Israel Returns
  • Israel’s Promise for the Future

The class will be taught by on campus faculty with guest speakers and supplemented by DVD’s and online course enhancements.

Each student who travels to Israel will have the opportunity to influence all the members of his or her congregation throughout their career in ministry. A conservative estimate for each student to influence would be between 7,000-20,000 people within their ministry.