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We believe the Church is the source of the greatest hope for the world today. It stands as a necessary influence of Judeo-Christian values and ethics. We believe it must be trained to lovingly confront those who would oppose the God of the Bible, his people and his church in religious, secular, and political environments.

To Christian middle and high school students and teachers by helping them understand the challenges of multicultural and multi-religious people living in harmony around the world. Learning from history of God’s blessing and dealing with those he loves in the context of his purpose and plan for all people.

 Providing several types of study tours of Israel, teaching and equipping people to understand the meaning behind the Scriptures. Our tours include more sites, more teaching and more diversity in understanding the land of the Bible. We organize general study tours, pastors study tours, I-2 tours for those who would like to experience many of the places not seen on a first tour. College age tours, and a high end wine tour.

With experts, scholars and leaders which take place throughout the year according to their availability. Often we will host them in cities where One Heart groups meet and we are able to schedule personal appearances either private or public.

All schools of higher education are the epicenter for ideas and values that determine both present culture and future doctrine. We partner with universities around the world by providing curriculum and experiential teaching of the history of Israel through the Old Testament, enhanced New Testament studies, archaeological discoveries, and the value and importance of modern Israel through it’s advancements and humanitarian efforts.

Providing regular opportunities for world leaders, religious leaders and experts in many fields current to today’s culture and issues in personal appearances to educate, enlighten and inspire people.

We work to provide a comprehensive resource of books, articles, CD’s and DVD’s that are available concerning the Judeo-Christian interests and the challenges we face around the world.


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