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One of the primary goals for One Heart for Israel is to equip pastors and church leaders with the full spiritual understanding of God’s Word in the context of the people, places and cultures in which it was lived. We take great efforts in the teaching and inspiration from all that the Land of the Bible offers.


We offer one of the most comprehensive and diverse tours available today. Our pastors tour is specifically designed by pastors and educations for pastors and educators. This is the greatest mission trip you will ever experience. You will return to your church with the passion of Paul and the boldness of Peter to preach the Gospel like never before.


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Pastor’s Tour Itinerary

Unsupported Pastors Tour

The average US evangelical pastor who desires to visit the Holy Land funds the trip himself and is usually not sent by his congregation.  A typical pastor’s tour is called a “Fam Tour” or familiarity tour.  This is a whirlwind, seven day trip to Jerusalem that includes hotel time and a visit to about twenty or so famous Christian sites.

These trips are designed to familiarize the pastor with the bare bones basics of what Israel has to offer with the hope that they will return to the Holy Land with congregational tour groups that they will lead.  This is somewhat problematic in the sense that these types of tours are not allowing pastors to truly capture what they really need in order to influence their ministries.

Our pastor tours are quite different!

Supported Pastors Tour

Our goal is to work with their congregations to support their pastor in his effort to go to Israel.  The potential benefits of this to the congregation is extremely powerful for them to glean from the what their pastor brings back.  We will provide a specifically tailored curriculum in presentable format for the pastors to share with the congregation upon their return.

Key to this experience is our delivery of a study tour to the pastor who, in turn  presents it “turn key” to their congregation upon their return.  This is a transformational opportunity; not only for many that the pastor will spiritually impact but for Israel herself who will be introduced to many future supporters of her.


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