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A Wine and Culinary experience 4,500 years in the making.  This extraordinary tour will not only show you the beauty of this country, with its great cities and breathtaking landscape, but you will also experience the culture, incredible food and prize winning wines. Come with us and visit wineries all over Israel!


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Wine And Culinary Tour Itinerary

One Heart For Israel and One Heart Travel present a one-of-a-kind 2016 Israel Wine and Culinary Tour. Join us on a tour full of culinary specialties and amazing wine tastings in the Holy Land.
This tour is planned for 10 days and includes a variety of amazing activities. We will not only experience the culinary world of the Holy Land, but will also have an insight into the beauty of the richly-contrasting, complex landscape − from the Mediterranean Sea to the Sea of Galilee, from the greens of the Carmel mountains to the Negev desert. Equally contrasting and complex is the range of culinary delicacy. You will enjoy this tour with all your senses.

We will begin our first morning experiencing the full comforts of a private yacht, sailing the Mediterranean coastline of the “White City” of Tel Aviv and on to Hertzliya, a few miles north of Tel Aviv. While sailing, enjoy an Israeli buffet breakfast, prepared by a private chef. Delight in Mimosa-a mix of Israel grown orange juice and champagne from an Israeli winery. Upon landing in Hertzliya, we will visit The Amphorae Winery, a new winery considered to be Israel’s most beautiful. From there we will continue to the Binyamina Winery with a special treat of their award-winning “Cave” wines.

Afterwards we’ll return to Tel Aviv for dinner at The Herbert Samuel Restaurant in Tel Aviv and back to our hotel. The inventive menu reflects a never-ending obsession with creating cutting-edge food that is influenced by the dazzling array of fresh, seasonal ingredients available in the local markets. This restaurant is often used as the restaurant to introduce new wines from wineries all over Israel.

Our first stop is in the mystical city of Tzfat, the home of Kabbalah. There you will visit the centuries-old synagogues and visit the world famous artist’s colony. Just a short distance from there is the Pelter Winery (a private winery) for a tour.

Next is the Olive Oil Mill in Ramat Hagolan. We will meet the owner and learn about his agricultural field and do some Olive Oil testing. Today, most Israeli olive presses concentrate on producing oils based on different olive varieties. Since Golan Olive Oil receives olives from seven different growers, extending from the northern Kinneret to the southern Golan, the oil is produced based on flavors, rather than olive varieties. A very short distance away is the Golan Winery, home to three of Israel’s most decorated Wineries-Golan, Yarden and Gamla. Dinner will be at the Château Golan for an exclusive private dinner at the winery.

Today we will visit the Old City of Jerusalem, where we can step back in time and explore the most sought after city in all of history. Your hosts will be biblical archaeologists Dr. Kevin Dieckilman and Shahar Shilo, the director of the ancient City of David. We will explore the Kotel Tunnels, walking along the base of the Temple Mount touching the stones cut for Solomon’s Temple 3000 years ago. Next we will wander through the ancient streets of the Old City of Jerusalem stopping briefly at a few of the most amazing historical sites. Then we will visit the Davidson Center and tour the southern wall excavations built by King Herod.

After a short walk we will enter the ancient City of David which is an active archaeological “dig” site. We will descend down Warren’s Shaft and walk through the tunnel dug by King Hezekiah in 701 B.C.E. to the Pool of Siloam. We will also be able to walk through a recently discovered set of stairs covered in the destruction of the Temple in Jerusalem in 70 A.D. Dinner will be at the Waldorf Astoria Hotel in Jerusalem. For dinner, this dining venue transforms into a stylish kosher meat restaurant with an extensive á la carte menu. Allow Chef Mizrachi to tempt your taste buds with their seven-course tasting menu. After dinner we will experience the amazing “Sound and Light Show” at David’s Citadel in the Old City. We will overnight in Jerusalem.

tasting menu. After Dinner we will experience the amazing “Sound and Light Show” at David’s Citadel in the Old City. We will overnight in Jerusalem.

Example of Restaurant:

  1. Aubergine @ David Intercontinental
  2. Herbert Samuel Restaurant
  3. Mitzpeh Hayamim
  4. Chateau Golan
  5. And more….

Wineries we visit:

  1. The Amphora Winery
  2. The Binyamina
  3. Carmel Winery Bistro
  4. Rothschild’s Underground Cellars
  5. And more…

Special Feature:

  1. Helicopter over the Old City of Jerusalem
  2. Private Yacht on the Mediterranean
  3. Olive Mill in Ramat Hagolan
  4. Explore the village of Tzfat
  5. and much more…


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